Our Local Heritage

As we search for a beginning of our heritage, we can go back to 1908 when the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene was organized in Pilot Point, Texas. However, as true believers of the Bible, we must go back to “In the beginning, God” for this is where our true heritage as Christians begins; a heritage that will never end for we realize that God is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. Everything on this earth must have a time of birth. Sometimes this comes from necessity, oft times from a dream. But always with the birth of a church it comes from the leading of the Holy Spirit and an obedient servant.

The church began with a few people who were faithful to follow God’s direction. They met for prayer services from 1906 – 1908. In 1908 a Sunday School was organized. The first services were held in the home of Mrs. Jess Bigley. D. G. Reiff was elected superintendent and the group, under his leadership, were called the “People’s Holiness Work”. In 1911 this group united with the newly formed Church of the Nazarene. The first place of worship as the Garden City Church of the Nazarene was at 503 E. Spruce. In 1918 the church was disorganized. In 1920 the old Presbyterian Church was purchased, and services resumed at this location until that building burned on Feb. 24, 1940.
The congregation purchased a lot on the corner of 11th and Elm, and an old schoolhouse was moved in. Rev. H. H. Hartman led the congregation as they remodeled that building into a suitable place of worship. A parsonage was moved in. During the ministry of Rev. George Lake, a new sanctuary was constructed and dedicated to the Lord on March 28, 1948.

Rev. Vern Lewis was pastor when the lots on Kansas Ave. were purchased, and construction started. Rev. Carl Ingersol led the congregation in the building of the church facility at this site, and they began services in 1964. Three major renovations were completed on the building; the fellowship hall added in 1964, the south foyer, offices and classrooms added in 1975, and an extensive updating of decor and furnishings in the late 90’s.
The church congregation sold the property on Kansas Ave. to a commercial developer in 2003. They then built the existing building on Campus Drive and moved into it in May of 2005. This was under the leadership of Rev. Charles West. Pastor Timothy Fields led the effort to expand the church’s outreach to the children of the community. A Children’s Building was added to the facilities in 2014. The church continues to seek new avenues to minister to the community.